Merry Christmas: deco mesh wreath

Sometimes when I attempt new things it doesn’t turn out well. I sauté when I should boil, I have no idea how corn starch works and sometimes things just straight up fall flat in my face. So you’ll excuse me when I don’t automatically believe you when you say the craft you’re trying to sell me on is “like so super easy to make, trust me, anyone can do it.”

This weekend the dirty little minx that is Canton convinced me that yes, I can totally make a deco mesh wreath without it looking like a swamp creature.

Here’s how it started:


And here’s how it ended:


Having completed my first deco mesh wreath, I can honestly say it truly was “like so super easy to make, trust me, anyone can do it.” Here’s what you need:


Bunch portions of your deco mesh into large bubbly sections, then secure against the wreath frame using pipe cleaners. I started with the outside edge because…well, because. I will warn you, this deco mesh crap will cut and scrape the crap out of your hands. You will probably bleed a little, and your husband might not be all that sympathetic, even though you’re totally making Christmas magic here. And that’s okay. You’re doing a great job.


Next, repeat on the inside or outside edge – whatever edge you didn’t just do. Or do the same edge twice. I don’t care, it’s your wreath.


Now it’s time to add some accent pieces! Oooer. I’ve seen pics of these wreaths with cute little bows all over them – it turns out those little bows are a pain in the you-know-what to make, so I gave up and just tied accent pieces in knots and cut their ends at an angle. Tuck them into any empty spots, and secure them with more pipe cleaners. Fancy, isn’t it?


You’re almost done! You’re doing a great job, look at how stinkin’ awesome your deco mesh wreath is. No one else can do what you’re doing. No one.

Lastly, because no arts and crafts project is complete without innuendo, I decided to give my wreath some balls.

Let’s give Mr. and Mrs. Claus something to talk about, folks.

I picked these gold balls up at the dollar store, and paired them in groups of two, three and five, securing them all with pipe cleaners around the wreath.


Ta da!

I got some much-needed words of encouragement along the way from one of my fave bloggers, Trista over at She promised me my hands would stop bleeding and the deco mesh wreath with it’s festive cheer would definitely be worth it.

I highly recommend that you have a friendly blogger on hand to offer you similar words of encouragement throughout your deco mesh wreath-making adventure.

Hint, hint. I’m available.



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  • Reply December 5, 2013


    I will def need some friendly blogger encouragement because I’m afraid to try mine. Havent even taken the supplies out of the bag yet! :(

  • Reply January 14, 2014


    Bahahaha. I just found this. Glad to know I was helpful. Still laughing…

    • Reply January 14, 2014


      You were totally right – my hands DID stop bleeding. ;)

  • Reply April 8, 2014


    It’s not as easy as everyone says it is.I have tried 4 times to make one (kept taking it apart and doing over) and still it looks like crap. The pipe cleaners move all over the place. The puffs slide all around the wire. They don’t stay in place.I am just going to give up and make bows. I know how to do that.

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