What happens in Canton doesn’t necessarily stay at the BlueBird RV park

You know how Black Friday turns you into a frenzied, bargain-driven crazy person obsessed with buying all the things?

Canton, Texas is that, times three days. Plus fair-style food on sticks. Divided by 100 acres, 6,000 vendors and slow-moving pedestrians who totally don’t get your sense of OH MY LORD GET OUT OF MY WAY BEFORE SOMEONE GETS THE LAST $2 SHARD OF BROKEN STAINED GLASS FROM 1978 BECAUSE I WAS TOTALLY GOING TO MAKE A PINTEREST CRAFT OUT OF THAT urgency.

It’s wonderful.

Mom, Aunt Linda and I set up the Taj MaHauler, Aunt Linda’s larger-than-life RV, in the sweet little BlueBird RV Park. Why they still let us stay there after we set off carbon monoxide alarms, refuse to wear pants to and from the shower facilities and our consistent breaking of important RV things during setup is beyond me. But that’s a story for another time.

And now, without further ado, the highlights reel.

Canton looks like this:

gen 1And this:

gen 2And this:

gen 3And this:

gen 4And this:

gen 5And you’ll probably come home with this:

haul 5And this:

haul 4And this:

haul 1And this:

haul 3And especially this:

haul 2This is Max, our #1 Canton sidekick:

maxMax is missing teeth and an eyeball on the left side due to some hardcore teacup yorkie mating rituals. I am very sensitive to his canine handicaps.

max 2Solidarity, sister – ya ya; Max and I are totally besties. Also, these are my new PJs from the 80s. I’m never sleeping in anything else ever again.

trailerThis is my mother, she is beautiful.

momThese are some sexual frogs we met while shopping.

slutty frogsAnd our Mom’s biggest purchase of all:

puppyThat’s Princess Bella, Mom’s Christmas present to Nana. Mom wins Christmas.

P.S. – When I got home my dear, sweet, loving husband very gently asked, “How much money did we spend on all this crap?”

I’d tell you how much I spent on all that crap, but I’d hate for him to find out on the internet and leave me so early into our marriage.


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