These Are My Confessions… No, Wait. Obsessions. These Are My Obsessions. Yeah, That’s It.

June 2, 2016

You know that feeling you get when you discover something awesome and you’re like, “Wow I need to share this with the world immediately!”? (How does the ending punctuation work in that instance? Help me, I’m poor a writer.) Today I’m going to do just that!


The lime one is my faaaaaaavorite.

The lime one is my faaaaaaavorite.

La Croix Sparkling Water

Do you like sparkling water? If not, then you’re wrong, because this stuff is good in a wide variety of different situations. Thirsty? It’s refreshing. Stomach unsettled? The carbonation will help calm things down without the artificial chemical heaviness of a coke. Need a mixer for your vodka? With their lightly fruit-flavored taste, these are the most convenient mixers of all time. So many flavors. So many uses. So little time.


My precious.

My precious.

Sanuk Yoga Mat Sling Flip-Flops

My sister-in-law turned me onto these wonderful shoes and y’all, I. AM. OBSESSED. So much so that I sloppily rambled on and on about them at some college friends’ wedding in Houston this weekend (sorry and thanks for listening Melissa). The sole is made out of what is basically a yoga mat, so it’s not unlike walking on a cloud. They come in tons of colors and patterns, and I won’t think you’re weird if you order a different pair for every day of the week. Like I may or may not have done earlier this morning before Andy woke up and told me not to.


Pictured: beautiful mermaid hair and a sloppy bathroom mirror selfie.

Pictured: beautiful mermaid hair and a sloppy bathroom mirror selfie.

Euronext Hair Extensions

Yet another thing I learned about from my very cool sister-in-law. These are clip-in hair extensions that add instant length with minimal effort (I’m into that). You can get these from Sally Beauty Supply, and they’re made of real (read: curlable and washable) human hair. From which human, specifically? That I don’t know. Don’t think about it too hard or it’ll freak you out. Just clip them in and relish in your newfound mermaid hair-ness.




Losing the Light by Andrea Dunlop

This book is deliciously intoxicating. It’s about a woman in her early 30s in NYC who’s about to settle down with her fiancé as she remembers (woohoo flashbacks and nonlinear storytelling!) the time she spent in France, which was rife with scandal, danger and even murder. I read 100 pages by the pool on Memorial Day and was so engrossed that I barely even noticed that I hadn’t peed in almost three hours. Or how badly my feet were burning in the sun.


SPF 1000, the sun block preferred by 9 out of 10 vampires who are farmers.


Speaking of sunburned feet… It turns out that they need sunscreen reapplied to them, too, just like the rest of your body when subjected to prolonged sun exposure. Who knew? So I ordered SPF 100 on the internet – it was the highest SPF content I could find. I plan to use lots of it.


My other precious.

My other precious.


Yes, thank you for noticing, I am only twelve thousand, four hundred and eighty-seven years late to this party. But guys, Andy and I finally got Netflix last week and did you know that Netflix is incredible? So far I’ve binge-watched Kimmy Schmidt (love) and Making a Murderer (sad), and started Pretty Little Liars (10 points to Gryffindor for the first person to find a Lucy Hale makeup tutorial). I have SO MANY WONDERFUL THINGS queued up in my “to be watched” list. No one ask me to do anything productive, because I cannot be bothered with anything other than television for approximately the next five years.


What are you currently obsessed with? What shows should I watch on Netflix? Have you ordered those yoga mat sandals yet? What color/pattern did you get??? Okay love you, mean it, bye.

—The Wife in Training



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