As the daughter of the Sovereign who reigns over a massive intergalactic Viking empire, 16-year-old Ingrid “Thistle” Angsar III should have the perfect life. But when her predetermined future starts to catch up with her and threatens to derail her dream of becoming an intergalactically-renowned chef, it seems anything but.

Enrolled against her will in the prestigious Intergalactic Academy for Emerging Leaders, Thistle must learn the ins and outs of leadership… which is much easier said than done. For starters, her professor thinks she can’t handle the job. Additionally, the power-hungry son of her family’s arch nemeses won’t stop harassing her. And the most annoying of all: how is she supposed to perfect a lovely béarnaise sauce with her control-freak mother breathing down her neck all the time?!

Her family’s place in history is at stake, and Thistle must decide what’s more important: her dreams, or her family’s honor. But when hostile extraterrestrial foes kidnap her parents and threaten to annihilate the empire, it’s up to Thistle to save the future of Viking-kind as they know it.

ON MOUNTAIN HIGH | Young Adult Adventure/Mystery

They say an ancient treasure lies hidden in the mountains. They say the gods buried it there before they left. They say it is cursed. But no one knows for certain.

For few who leave in search of it ever return home.

Everyone knows the sinister legend of the Whispering Mountains’ haunted history. Hidden somewhere in the rocky expanse is the long-lost treasure of the gods, guarded by a dark curse that’s left a long string of mysterious casualties in its wake.

Despite the danger, the lure of immeasurable riches is too powerful for a fresh group of Seekers to resist. And so a new Hunt unfolds as Jagger, Matteo, Iona, Ronan and Kalliope venture into the treacherous terrain in search of the notorious prize. Armed with cryptic riddles and deeply-rooted motivations, the group is determined they’ll be the ones to finally uncover the treasure. But jeopardy is hot on their heels, and it isn’t long before the evil curse begins to strike.

As they approach the infamous Tower of the Gods, they realize they’re being watched. Following a trail of human bones, primordial slingshots, lethal booby traps and still-smoldering campfires, it’s clear they aren’t alone on the mountain. Death and deceit lurk around every turn as the group starts to unravel. Loyalties are tested to the extreme, and they can no longer trust each other—or the mysterious mountain people who might even be willing to kill to protect their secrets.

The Seekers must work together to uncover unknown truths about the lost treasure, the ruling Order of the Departed and ultimately, themselves. But can they truly trust the people around them? Will the ruthless journalist betray the revenge-seeking jilted lover? Will the impoverished daughter save her ailing mother in time? Will the blossoming romance survive the savage mountains?

In this race to the summit, it’s kill or be killed. Hunt or be hunted. Find the treasure or lose your life. And there’s no telling how far each Seeker will go to claim victory.

UNTITLED NEW PROJECT | Young Adult Thriller

No one sets out in life to become a murderer. But 16-year-old Thana killed four classmates while on a weekend hiking excursion – at least, that the police, media, and all of her shrinks say happened. The trouble is, Thana doesn’t remember a single detail from that fateful night. Locked away inside the gates of Shadow Hills Sanatorium, Thana must discover the truth of what really happened that night on the mountain or be put away for good.