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Sometimes when you’re writing –or pursuing any creative pursuit, really– it’s easy to fall victim to the negative thoughts in your head. Thoughts of “This [insert type of creative pursuit here] sucks,” thoughts of “Why did I ever think I was good enough to do this?” and thoughts of “I should just give up.” These thoughts happen to us all, they’re normal. But you can’t let them win. Text your mom, read some emergency compliments, snuggle your cat, do whatever you need to do to get yourself back in the “Holy crap I’m amazing* and I can do all things.” I personally like to peruse the hallowed halls of Pinterest for encouraging affirmations until I feel duly affirmed and ready to again take (written) action. So today I decided to share some of my favorite affirming printables with you.




I adore this quote. To me this means get off your butt and get to work, no one’s going to accomplish your dreams for you. Tough love. In rustic cowgirl-chic font, nonetheless. The best kind, really.





This, to me, speaks more specifically to my writing and plotting. When I was writing my first draft of my book, a few different times I found myself thinking “Lord this is so boring, where is this scene going?” This is a good reminder to chart the action of each individual scene, as well as build to each chapter’s climax (climax, tee hee hee….I am a child).





This is literally (hey Chris Traeger, didn’t see you there) the main reason I decided to write my book. The premise sounded interesting to me, and I figured I’d definitely buy and read that book if I saw it in a store. So there you go. Write the story that you want to read. Write the story that excites you. Write the story that haunts your thoughts when you’re not working on it.





I struggle with in-the-box thinking. Is that okay for a writer to admit? I feel like the writing police are going to come and take my manuscript away for saying that out loud. No one tell them, deal? But it’s true. I have to really focus on identifying the too “normal” ideas in my writing, and really think intentionally to expand the story world into something unusual, something extraordinary. I practice thinking creatively. Which, turns out, is super duper fun. And I like to think that maybe writing a creative world is like math, that there are countless different methods (of creative thinking) to arrive at the same correct conclusion (the building of that creative world). Except in math I never, EVER arrived at the correct conclusion. Whatever, that’s not important right now.





It’s so true though. Do the big thing. Always do the big thing that scares you. Even if you fail, you did it. A lot of people never will. And besides, in my book, you win just by doing it. …..This took a sexual turn. Let’s move on.










This is probably the biggest motivator for me. I don’t talk a lot about my faith on this blog, but it’s something I cherish very much. Anytime I find myself worrying about what other people will think when they read this scene or that chapter, whether they’ll harshly judge the quality of my writing, anything….I stop and remember that God gave me this talent because He wants me to use it. The Lord wants us to use the talents He gives us, and who am I to disobey? So I hunker down and keep writing.



That got kind of serious. To lighten the mood, here is a picture of my cats snuggling.





Happy creating, you wonderful bunch of prolific gypsies.
—The Wife in Training


*That will be one dollar in the Bachelor’s “amazing jar” for me. Add it to my tab.


  • That did get serious. Perfectly timed cat pics FOR THE WIN.

  • Reply January 20, 2015


    I’m so glad you added the Bachelor reference. And just fyi, it doesn’t matter to me if you wrote an entire book or only a chapter… you still rock my literal socks off. I have no socks on today because you rock so much (and cause I’m wearing flats, but shhh) Love you!

  • thaaaaank you for the inspiration! i needed that. ‘why the hell not’ and the cats totally got me moving.

  • Reply January 21, 2015


    I’ve been a bad blogging friend and haven’t commented lately. I’m sorry for that. To make up for it, I would like to be an even better real life friend and see your face soon. Please and thank you! <3

  • Reply January 21, 2015


    I think I might just need to save a few of these for later use.

    Also, the cat picture just warmed my little heart.

  • Reply January 22, 2015

    chelsea jacobs

    That first quote is just everything.

  • Reply January 22, 2015


    so now i have a place to go when i really am not making it in the inspiration department. though i probably will go look at your recipes instead. because FOOD.

    but kitties snuggles always.

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