Weekend Round-Up

We all know that Mondays are hard. Today is no exception. I didn’t even get up to shower, I snoozed happily away until I had approximately 15 seconds left to get ready for work. #Professional. Today was also going to be the day that I woke up early to start my pre-work exercise routine…..I’ll take “failure” for $500, Alex. Perhaps tomorrow will be better.

Anyway, because it’s Monday and apparently these words I’m writing are in fact for this thing called a “blog,” apparently the rule is that I tell you about my weekend. Sound fun? Great. Let’s get started!


Friday I worked because I still haven’t won the lottery. Buuuuut if any hot male millionaires under age 35 happen to be reading this, give me a call. Just kidding I’m married. That would be wrong.* Anyway, after work Andy and I went to Top Golf to meet his parents, his sister Brittany, her boyfriend Michael and Michael’s family to celebrate Michael’s birthday.

If you’re not familiar with Top Golf, a) it’s really fun, b) it’s more fun when there’s beer (as are most things in life), and c) it’s basically the concept of bowling but for golf.  Oh and my arm was soooo sore on Saturday when I woke up that I was sure I’d slept on it all night long but Andy informed me that no, I probably just was sore from the glorified putting that I did, which is embarrassing.





Saturday I got all gussied up (read: I showered) and went to meet my mother and her teacher friends for brunch. This is something we do semi-regularly, and always at the same restaurant. They call themselves the YaYas (as in YaYa Sisterhood…Bueller?), and I’m the Petite YaYa, even though I’m the tallest one in the bunch. Anyway, we all wore flowers in our hair and because we were celebrating a few birthdays, several of us had on plastic tiaras. We were making a scene, of course, but people seemed to like us. I know this because when the two ladies at the next table got up to leave, they came over and started chatting with us. Asking how we knew each other, what the occasion was, who was picking up the tab…that’s when she dropped a $100 bill on our table and told us to pay it forward. So we, in turn, gave the bill to our waitress, who had been telling us all about her (frankly, adorable) 4-year-old daughter that she’s raising on her own. A very cool experience, indeed.

After that Mom, Aunt Linda and I left to meet Nana at the mall for some retail therapy because brunch can be exhausting and really hard. Mom and Aunt Linda took some naps in massage chairs while Nana and I shopped for $15 sale bras in Victoria’s Secret. Yes, I go to Victoria’s Secret with my nana. It’s totally normal.








Sunday was rather non-eventful, except for OH THAT’S RIGHT I REVISED UP TO PAGE 92 OF MY BOOK. That may not sound like much, because when novels are printed they usually have anywhere upwards of 300 pages, but it’s different in my Word doc. Something about formatting and page margins. I don’t know, don’t ask me. I just write the words. But what I DO know is that 92 pages out of 126 have been heavily revised and improved upon, and are OMGTHISCLOSE to being ready for my beta readers’ eyes.


Here is a picture of my cat, Fancy, who snuggled with me in bed while I wrote words.




And that’s all she wrote. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to fight my way through the Monday blues.
—The Wife in Training

*Okay but for real, call me. We can work something out.



  • Reply January 26, 2015


    I think I really only have one question… am I a beta reader? I’ll make sure to come back and look for an answer since you do not know how to reply by email. I’ll work for beta reader status….

  • A) That sounds like the best day ever and HOW CAN I GET INVITED INTO THE PETITE YAYA CLUB?????? I’d be so good at it. And B) I’m pissed you didn’t text me the PSA on cheap bras. That was rude. I don’t forgive you.

  • Reply January 26, 2015


    The yaya club looks amazing.

    Also, I scrolled to the bottom to see if you did, in fact, put a note beside the asterisk… and you did, and I think it made me love you a little more and I didn’t even know that was possible.

    PAGE 92!!!!

  • Reply January 26, 2015


    Ummm could the YaYas be any cuter? No they couldn’t. I’m sure you probably made that waitress cry in the best way possible. So sweet. :)

  • A little birdie told me that Top Golf also has margaritas. :) YUM

  • Reply January 27, 2015


    PAGE NINETY-TWO. That is amazing and I am so proud of you!!!!!

    I want to go to top golf and yaya brunch. pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!

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