Throwback Thursday

Yesterday my mom posted one of those Time Hop things on Facebook – a memory from three years ago on the night Andy proposed (awwww). Because I am nothing if not a nostalgic softie at heart, I decided to reminisce on where my life was in November 2012. So today I give you, a sappy and self-indulgent Throwback Thursday post. You’re welcome.



In November 2012, I was living by myself in a 600-square-foot apartment in Fort Worth’s historic Camp Bowie district. I absolutely loved that little apartment. Sure, I slept with the TV on and the bedroom door locked because #murderers and #ghosts, but other than my irrational adult fear of the dark, living there was amazing. One day my 6’4” brother, Zane, even fit in the teeny tiny pantry. That was fun. Outside of the apartment, my mom was celebrating a little over one year of being cancer-free, and endless more years of being completely badass. She walked the survivors’ victory lap in our local Relay for Life and I cried happy tears of joy and thankfulness.





Maverick and Fancy were somewhere around 8ish months old in November 2012. I say “ish” because, frankly, I have no idea when they were born. I think it was probably sometime early in the year? Who knows. That’s what happens when you get your cats out of a dumpster. They were snuggly and precious and already quite wild for their young age.




2012 Lindsay was nowhere close to realizing her dream of publishing a book. She was much too concerned with snuggling aforementioned baby kittens, watching all the E! channel she could get her little hands on and trying to learn to cook. Oh, and with a bit of newbie wedding planning on the side (more on that later).



Off the top of my head with the help of my very good memory After some Googling, I remembered which movies were released in November of 2012: Skyfall, Lincoln, Wreck It Ralph, Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2, Life of Pi and Silver Linings Playbook, among others. I saw a big, fat, whopping ZERO of them in the theatre. I guess that’s something the 2012 and 2015 Lindsays have in common: we are both much too lazy to go to movie theatres, but will gladly record Silver Linings Playbook on our DVR and pray really hard to wake up the next morning in Jennifer Lawrence’s body.



I worked at the Fort Worth Symphony with some really wonderful people. My time there was short, but the friends I made there remain friends to this day. Friends who are hilarious, well travelled, highly intelligent, supremely talented and devastatingly clever. Friends who introduce me to great new books and host awesome tea parties. Friends who compliment my bourbon cocktails even when they’re much too strong…which never happens, Mom.


Not pictured: Caroline, our sober photographer



Awwww. I think we all know where I’m going with this one. I’d been happily dating the man who would be my husband for two and a half years. I’d known he would be my husband for around two of those two and a half years. One Saturday evening under the guise of a casual movie night at his apartment, he called dibs and upgraded me from BFF-with-benefits to fiancé. We celebrated all night at our favorite restaurant with our families. It was perfect.


Unfortunately 2012 Lindsay didn’t yet know that filling in her thick, German eyebrows was a thing that she should be doing.




So there you have it. November 2012 – some of my favorite Throwback Thursday memories.
—The Wife in Training

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    Courtney {Alkeks Abroad}

    Aw I love this idea! Timehop makes me so nostalgic but also reminds me that I am really old and was in college ten years ago.

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