Three Years



Three years ago today my mom underwent a double mastectomy to cinch the victory in her battle against breast cancer. It was both the end and the beginning of a long road that included a brutal recovery from such intense surgery, weekly chemotherapy treatments that stole her energy and radiation that left her skin tight, sore and zapped of elasticity. But my mom is strong. She is a fighter. And she refused to give up.

Growing up I knew that my mom was strong; she was everything I ever wanted to be. Intelligent, loving, talented, hilarious, brave and beautiful inside and out. But it’s one thing to know these things and another thing entirely to see her live out her strength and courage when she had every right to be weak. Even on the days when she hurt, the days when she felt exhausted, she fought on with a steadfast “tomorrow will be better” attitude. When the cancer made her tired, she napped on the couch surrounded by her family. When the cancer took her hair, she rocked floral head wraps and rhinestone caps like nobody’s business. The cancer never, ever claimed her spirit. She fought like hell, and she won.

If you had asked me whether I was proud of my mother prior to her battle with cancer, I would have said yes, absolutely. She was a hard working professional, with two advance degrees, seemingly endless devotion to her family and a love for the Lord. If you were to ask me today if I am proud of my mother I would say yes, absolutely. But now for entirely different – no, additional – reasons. Her vivacious and courageous spirit, her tireless mental and physical toughness in a longstanding fight and her unwavering strength in the eye of challenge. She is a fighter, a victor and a survivor. My mom is everything I want to be.

I love you, Mom. Happy three-year anniversary. I couldn’t be more proud.



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    Wow! You totally made me cry! Thank you so much for these beautiful words and thoughts. I don’t feel like I deserve this praise or that I’ve done anything any other woman wouldn’t do. And it certainly wouldn’t have happened without the support, encouragement, prayer and love that I received (and still do) from family and friends daily! You guys are heros for loving me through that storm and never letting me give up. I love you to the moon and back!

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    Your mom is incredible and I want to meet her, and not just on Twitter. Let’s go to Canton together. Also thanks for putting tears in my eyes on a Monday morning.

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    LOVE THIS. Congratulations to your mom for being a badass for 3yrs. Well, I’m sure she has been for a lot longer, but this is a good badassery anniversary.

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    i forgot your mom was on twitter and that just makes me so thrilled because she obviously can beat all the hard things in life including the way technology moves SO FAST and tries to make us all feel outdated.

    your mama is so strong she scares chuck norris. your mama is so strong they renamed the hulk after her. your mama is so strong i want to know her.

  • Love love love love love this. Your mom is a badass! And now I see where you get it from (insert smoochy emotiji HERE).

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    This is everything. I am a proud supporter of all breast cancer efforts thanks to to very special people in my life. I commend your mother for her strength and courage in her fight. Here’s to many more years ahead of her

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    I just want to do a happy dance for your sweet mama. What a celebration! This makes me so happy. Here’s to many more years of celebrating good health for her!

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    Bridget Mullins

    This is such a lovely tribute to your amazing mother! She is one of those rare humans that makes everyone around her know that there really is good in this world! I am so very fortunate to call her my friend!!!

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    Beautifully said Linz. And I love you both dearly!

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    So I’m really glad everyone was out of the office when I chose to read this post because now I’m bawling my eyes out. Your mom is amazing and I absolutely see where your amazingness comes from! Congrats Jeri!

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    And now I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes… gee thanks.

    Jeri, I’m so happy for you – congratulations on beating it <3

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    chelsea jacobs

    So brave and amazing!

  • wow! happy three years to her and sounds like an amazing woman to be raised by!

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