Things With Which I Am Currently Obsessed

Gosh, I love the smell of snobbish, erudite prose in my title line. Hahaha just kidding, we can real talk now. There are a few things I’ve been mega gaga over recently, and I’m not talking about the Lady kind.

Black Sails
Holy hot dog Batman, are you watching this show? First things first: hello, beautiful people. Where did they get so many pretty people to play the pirates on this new masterpiece from the Starz channel? …oh, that’s right, Hollywood. Anywhoozit, wipe the drool off your chin and let’s talk about respectable things like sex appeal plot lines and spectacular writing, because Black Sails has it all. Sometimes it’s a little heavy on the violence for my taste, but then I remind myself that I am a grown up and that pirates are not going to invade my house and murder me at night to steal my booty.

Hahaha booty.

Oh, and I MUST find a hat like Clara Paget’s/Anne Bonny’s.

anne bonny 1

anne bonny 2
Because I am a bit of a Twitter whore social media nerd,  naturally I took to the Twitterverse to beg for assistance in finding a comparable hat to rock this summer. To my surprise the Black Sails Twitter account responded quickly, and in a language I understand: sarcastic dry wit. Four for you, Black Sails Twitter Person Coco, you go Black Sails Coco.



My new blog design
Because, obviously. Thank you again to the lovely and talented Christy Gould!


The gorgeous, perfect Texas weather this past weekend.
If you’re not from around here, allow me to paint a picture for you. Texas weather usually fluctuates between “welcome the seventh level of hell” and “the surface of the sun is quite nice this time of year.” Except in the 30 minutes that is winter, then it’s all icy roads, school closings and bread-less grocery store shelves. Oh, and let’s not forget super fun tornado season. However, this weekend we were given a very special gift of sublime climate perfection. Sun shine-y + 70ish degrees + National Margarita Day = the stuff Heaven is made of, folks. It was so stunningly gorgeous out that even yours truly voluntarily ventured out into the nature. I drank a marg on a patio, went for a nice walk through our neighborhood with Señor Hess and laid out in the sunshine listening to my audiobook while tanning sun-burning. Greatness. Truly greatness.


My Neighborhood
While on our lovely walk, Andyroo and I saw an exciting construction rendering in our master-planned-but-under-construction neighborhood. Admittedly when Sir Husbandpants mentioned he wanted to buy a house omglikenow, I was on board but mega steering in the direction of vintage, charming, well-updated 50s-style house. Lo and behold, we are now proud homeowners smack dab in the middle of what Phil Robertson would call Yuppietown, and you know what? I don’t hate it. In fact, I quite love it. Our neighborhood is all new and construction-y, which is fine and well and they’re building tons of homes and a fancy elementary school and so on and so forth. But really the most important part is: we’re getting a clubhouse this summer with two adults-only pools! The neighborhood’s Facebook page says “Phase 1 will include 4 pools, an amphitheater, locker rooms, a sand volleyball court, gas bbq grills and a party pavilion. This phase is projected to be completed Summer 2014.” All I see is the construction rendering of shallow adults-only wading pools. Bring on endless summer weekends where I sit on my happy bum sipping PG in the cool, refreshing, adults-only waters. Andy can come too, if he wants.


Foreign Adventures
I don’t  know what it is. Maybe it’s because summer is right around the corner, or because I’ve been watching too much House Hunters International, but I have got the itch in a major way. No not that kind of itch you perv, the travel itch. Let’s go somewhere, anywhere. Well, not Canada. No offense to Canadians but they gave us Beiber and obviously can’t be trusted. Plus it’s just a hop, skip and a jump away from us so basically in my brain it’s an extension of the USA. Wife in Training, international diplomat, folks.

It’s just that I can’t stop daydreaming about our fabulous Mexican honeymoon, and I don’t want to be dramatic but I’m pretty sure I’m going to die if I don’t get to a beach in the next five minutes. Andy and I are starting to save a special travel budget so we can go to fabulous places like Italy and Greece and Australia someday.


hm 1

hm 3

hm 2

hm 4

hm 5

Alrighty folks, Wife in Training over and out.

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    And again you claim my heart with your snobby post title… also that was totally a Divergent nod in the first sentence, right? (Erudite)

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