Take 10 Tuesday: Last-Minute Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like me you’ve only just begun wrapping your brain around that factoid. Sure, I’ve bought a few presents…but I need to buy about eleven bajillion more. Sure, I’ve decked the halls and trimmed the tree…and the cats keep running away with the tree skirt so that I find it in random places throughout the house. Sure, I’ve enjoyed some wine-inspired holiday cheer…actually, that’s really the only thing I’m consistently good at so far. Yay adulthood!

This Take 10 Tuesday, I figure there have to be at least a couple others out there like me, scrambling for last-minute –but still thoughtful and fun– gifts. Maybe one year will finally be the year I get my shiz together and plan/shop/prepare/wrap well ahead of schedule. But this is not that year, friends. So, to help make all of our lives easier, I decided to put together this handy, dandy 10-item gift guide!

The Wife in Training’s Last-Minute Gift Guide



Cool Socks
Show your loved ones’ tootsies some love. I hear you can even buy taco-patterned socks on the internet now. What a world!



Awesome Book
I love to give and receive books as gifts. In fact, my Amazon wish list is about 97% books. There are endless wonderful stories out there for every interest, and if you’re lost for ideas of who might like what, Goodreads is a great place to find genre recommendations.



Baby Herb Garden
Am I right or am I right, this thing is just too dang adorable. I got this idea from my friend Abby’s cool Christmas gift exchange, and I think it’s just the cutest. The recipient can plant delicious herbs or decorative plants in it – it’s totally customizable and fun.



Pedi Perfect
Really this is only on this list because I desperately want one. So if anyone needs a last-minute gift idea for me, you know… I wouldn’t be mad about it.



Adult Coloring Book
All right so my friend gave me one of these last week and I AM OBSESSED. You show me an adult who says they don’t want a coloring book, and I’ll show you an adult who is lying.



Games are mad fun, yo. From Cranium and Settlers of Catan to the slightly more irreverent Exploding Kittens and (my personal favorite) Cards Against Humanity, the gift of a game opens the door for fun times with family and friends. Or, in my case, uncomfortable situations where you have to explain nasty terms to your parents…after looking them up yourself on Urban Dictionary.



I’m making these christmas cake cookies (photo courtesy of Ree Drummond) for Andy’s office!

Homemade Candy Or Treats
I actually love to give homemade treats as gifts. They’re fun to make, the odds are good you probably won’t burn your house down in the process, and frankly it feels more intentional than Amazon’s two-click gift giving system (no offense Amazon, we both know I’d be lost without you).




Collegiate Plaid Skinny Tie
A fun way to support your team when hoodies and face paint aren’t appropriate (what do you mean when hoodies and face paint aren’t appropriate?!)


Thanks, weird stock photos!

Thanks, weird stock photos!

Massage Gift Card
Ahhhh…the gift of relaxation. I want this gift. Let me repeat: I want this gift. In case anybody missed that, I’ll say it once more: I WANT THIS GIFT.


An In-Person, Sit-Down Lunch Date
For the person who has everything. Similar to homemade treats, this gift is –to me– more intentional and meaningful than a lot of material items. It’s the gift of quality time in a busy world. So if anybody wants to take me to lunch, just let me know. I’m a delight.


So there you have it. 10 solid last-minute gift ideas for friends and family. So what do you think? Would you actually gift any of these (hint hint I want the pedi roller thing)? What are your go-to gifts that you like to give? Am I totally floundering and actually all of you have already purchased and wrapped every needed gift for every single person? Bueller? Bueller? Great.

—The Wife in Training


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    chelsea jacobs

    Those baby herbs are such a cute gift idea!

  • Reply December 15, 2015


    I hope you’ve bought yourself those taco socks already.

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