Riding In Cars With Boys (On The Phone)

If you’re new around here, you might now know that my husband Andy (click on over to the home page and check him out, he’s really cute – go on, I’ll wait) has been working an INSANE amount of hours for his big 4 accounting firm auditing job. Actually, if you’re new, I might need to backup further. Hi, my name is Lindsay. Hi Lindsay. I write this here blog, it’s called The Wife in Training. It’s called The Wife in Training because I got married to Andy (remember, you two met just a few minutes ago) last summer and it turns out this whole marriage thing is kind of hard blah blah blah I do stupid things and choose to tell the whole wide internet about it.

Now allow me to set the scene for you. It’s 6pm in Dallas on a Thursday. For the past couple months, 6pm on a Thursday usually sees me wrapping up what I like to call a “workout” at the free gym in my office building (I walk on the treadmill watching E! News), on my way home to snuggle with my kitty monsters, drink pinot grigio, write a blog post for the next day and go to bed alone.

Because of Andy’s late hours, getting off work at 3am and such.

It just so happened that yesterday I was in the car driving to meet my family for dinner. Cue phone ring.

Hi babe! Wow it’s so great to get to talk to you while it’s still light outside. How are you? Are you on a dinner break? How’s work going today?

Nope. I’m coming home. [pause] …I quit my job.

[What. The. Effing. Eff.]
[Okay, be supportive. Be supportive. BE SUPPORTIVE.]
[Holy crap we’re going to lose our house. We are going to be HOMELESS omg
omg omg omg omg omg.]
[Pull yourself together woman. Say something helpful. SAY THE RIGHT THING.]

…You quit your job?

I quit my job. I’m coming home.

…You quit your job! Well, that’s great! There are always more jobs out there and you’ve just been exhausted from working so much, and this is really, really great. Now you can have a little mini vacation and rest for a while. Great. This is really, really great.

[As I try to trick myself into believing that this is really, really great.]

Good for you, babe. I’m proud of you. I’m supposed to be going to meet my family for dinner, why don’t you come meet us? We’ll have a celebratory drink.

[Who am I? What the hell am I saying?]

Nah, that’s okay. I’m feeling pretty exhausted, I think I just want to go home.

Okay, well how about I pick up some food and just come home and meet you? My family will totally understand.

No, you go. I think I’d just like to be alone for a while. (introverts)

[looooooong, silent, heavy pause full of great meaning, introspection and absolute
PANIC on my end]

Lindsay, don’t be ridiculous. I didn’t quit my job.

…You didn’t quit your job?

I didn’t quit my job.



And that’s how Andy died.

Also, it’s Friday in bloggieland and that means it’s time to #backthatazzup with Whitney. I cannot stop singing this song. Like, for this whole week it’s been on loop in my car, at work, when I’m singing in the shower…

Zombie by The Cranberries

Happy weekend, friends!

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  • Reply April 10, 2014


    hahaha Andy is a douche… and I mean this in the nicest way possible.

    p.s. Don’t tell him I said this, please.

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