One. Five. Ten.

I’m learning more and more about this whole blogging thing, and let me tell you, it’s pretty stinking exciting. Do you know how many talented writers and funny humans there are writing things for you to relate and connect to on the internet? A LOT. And it’s awesome.

Speaking of talented writers and funny humans, Bonnie over at The Life of Bon is hosting a supa fab linkup all about where the high school versions of ourselves expected we’d be in life, versus where we actually are right. this. minute. Well, high school self with a pixie cut and intentionally mismatched wardrobe choices, things have been up and things have been down, but insert cliche phrase about landing on my feet and carpeing the diem here.

 One Year After High School

I would be happy at college, acing my vocal performance studies, preparing for my career as a world-famous Broadway star and making a ton of new friends.

I was so much more happy at my college than I could’ve ever imagined. I decided Communication and Theater were better majors for me, since it turns out music theory is freaking hard and I didn’t care to learn it. I dropped out of the music major track, but that didn’t stop me from performing. I was an original member of my school’s female a cappella ensemble, I joined a sorority, I met a science student without ever stepping foot into the science building (PHEW) and made a best friend out of her, I was performing in student written and directed musical revues and I lived in a dorm that at one time housed a meth lab.


These ladies are some of the most talented gals I’ve ever met. Original AcaBellas, right here people.



Blog, meet best friend Caitlin. Caitlin, meet blog. Caitlin enjoys drinking white wine in bed with me, spending time with my godpuppy Moose and playing with bacteria that could kill you.



Proof that at one time, I at least pretended to care about football.



B + L + A. This is the night we witnessed petty milk theft at Braum’s. BUT YOU DIDN’T HEAR IT FROM ME, FORT WORTH PD.



College Lindsay liked to sing melancholy love songs dressed as a boring frumpuss.


Five Years After High School

I would spend my time juggling a serious boyfriend and aforementioned Broadway superstardom.

I was working at a public relations agency where I made some lifelong friends and learned a lot. I was spending time with my family, I got some cats out of the dumpster and I celebrated and bridesmaidsed it up when my best friends get married. I was trying my hardest to support my mom as she kicked breast cancer’s ass. I hated watching her go through that and being so powerless to help her. But if it’s even possible, I learned to love and appreciate my family more than ever before. Oh, and I got engaged to the sweetest, smartest, most wonderful, best man I could have ever imagined.


So much happiness. Weddings are the best.



Sweet Mav and Fancy were teeeeeeeeny tiiiiiiiiiny kittens. We snuggled a lot back them. They were too small to fight it.



My mom and nana are so, so beautiful. I love them more than anything.


My mom kicked cancer’s ass and looked damn good doing it.


Andy pulled off the best proposal of all time and I ruined it by snotting all over the place.


I guess he’ll do.

Ten Years After High School

18-year-old Lindsay expected 28-year-old Lindsay to be married, have a couple kids and maybe even be a stay-at-home-mom. But definitely not with a minivan. It would be a tasteful SUV, duh.

Well, we’re still  few years out from there, and if I could read the future I’d be rich and on a private island sipping PG somewhere. But I think based on where we are now, I want a few years to just bask in the marriedness with my sexy new husband – so maybe not so much the kids juuuuuust yet. I’m not at all opposed to being a stay-at-home-mom sometime in the future, but given my somewhat lackluster cooking skills and complete inability to keep even plants alive, I may not be the most qualified Stepford Wife in the book. Plus, I am really, really happy writing all day and all night. Like, really happy. I don’t know what the future holds, but I can’t wait to find out.

I am totally open to starting another a cappella ensemble, if anyone out there is interested. And can arrange music. And preferably beat box, because when I try it’s suuuuuuuper awkward and I’d hate to scare off all our fans. Lemme know, k?

Wife in Training past, present and future, over and out.




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    This is great! Idk how I stumbled across your blog, but I did and it’s fab.

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      Thanks Allison!

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