Labor Day at the Lake

You guys it’s the weirdest thing…I woke up this morning and my phone said it was September. That’s ridiculous, it just turned 2014 like half an hour ago…right? I think I need a new phone.

I’m fresh off the most relaxing of weekends with my family at Possum Kingdom Lake, where my grandparents have a timeshare on a condo (am I the only one who kind of feels like grandparents are the only people who buy timeshares? Not that it matters, because at the end of the day we got to stay at a gorgeous resort and it was delightful). I am pleased to report that I accomplished very little this weekend other than sleeping in various locations throughout the condo, eating delicious food, drinking wine, reading my new obsession Red Rising by Pierce Brown, working on my manuscript and then some more eating.

We did not actually do any swimming, boating or anything water-related while at the lake. Ironic, I know. But the pool maintained by Poolpumpexpert was too far away, I ate too many cheesy potatoes to feel comfortable in my bikini and I’ve seen one too many Sci-Fi Channel movies to willingly swim in water I can’t see through. Lord only knows what kinds of lake monsters could be lurking in the depths below.

Oh but we did see deer! Lots of them, actually. One afternoon we stepped out of the condo to find a mommy deer and her two babies hanging out in the woods next door, about 15 feet away from us. Naturally we threw them some Fruit Loops for a healthy and tasty snack. My dad was very clear to point out that we were not to “hug Bambi” because even though the deer may look cuddly and adorable, they actually have very dangerous HOOVES with which they will not hesitate to roundhouse kick you in the face. Or something. Yeah, okay Dad. But I’m totally throwing more Fruit Loops.

And did you guys know that Laffy Taffy are called such because they in fact contain jokes on their wrappers? Because I did not, until this weekend.

Anyway, here are some pictures that I need to clear off my camera thoughtfully share with you guys.



“LITRALLY the middle of nowhere.” – Chris Traeger


That blue sky gets me every time.


They’re an active bunch.


You guys. If you’re not reading this book, drop what you’re doing and go get a copy. And possibly a framed headshot of the author, too. Trust me. You’re welcome.


WE SAW DEER. Like a lot of them. More than once. Though I only got the one picture.


One of us was really excited about taking a selfie.


Calories don’t count at the lake, so it’s totally okay to eat only carbs for dinner.


This nut mix was supposed to be “lightly toasted” ….. oops.


Mom made a pancake the size of her face (face pictured for scale).


This is my brother and his lovely wife, as portrayed by a very dark iPhone photo.


These are my grandparents, Nana and Papa. They’re the greatest.


Like I said on Instagram, it’s a shame the Cliffs Resort at Possum Kingdom Lake is so ugly.


—The Wife in Training



  • Um. My phone is broken too. And yes I will accept your invitation to join you at PK next time. I’m really good at carbs and naps and we can gab about how surprisingly hot Pierce Brown is.

  • Reply September 2, 2014


    Ohhh, I need some time at a lake. Any lake. And I need some cheesy potatoes. That’s the combination of a perfect weekend. Yes, avoid the bikinis, it’s fall now. Time to cover up and be happy about it woo!

  • Reply September 2, 2014


    YOU ARE SO PRETTY. And is that your dad photobombing you? Because that is amazing. This weekend sounds like it was SO relaxing and I’m glad you got to enjoy it and goodbye I’m going to go read that book now.

  • Reply September 2, 2014


    Funny. I was at the beach this weekend, two separate beaches to be honest, and didn’t go to either one. I did drink a lot and eat a lot and relax a lot though, so we pretty much had the same weekend.

  • Reply September 3, 2014


    How fun!!! Glad you had a good time!

  • Reply September 3, 2014


    I wish I was at the lake. Unfortunately, I had to work. I miss your face, can I see you soon?!?!

    • Reply September 4, 2014


      I MISS YOUR FACE TOO, and yes please.

  • Reply September 3, 2014


    So. Many. Deer! That’s really cool! Also, only carbs for dinner is everything that happened to me this weekend, plus cookies every time I was hungry. #oops

  • Reply September 3, 2014

    Becca @ Becoming Adorrable

    That’s a really good picture of you holding a book, though. I might print that out and frame it tonight. I’ll just replace one of my wedding pictures with it.

    • Reply September 4, 2014


      Tim will totally understand.

  • Reply September 3, 2014

    chelsea jacobs

    HOW is it September already?!

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