In a Mountain State of Mind

Today I’m opening up and taking you further into the deep, dark recesses of my mind than ever before (yeah, now’d be a good time to run away). I’m going to show you things I’ve never shown anyone ever before. It’s going to be intense. Your jaw may drop in awe, you may be rendered speechless, you may be overcome with raw emotion. I don’t know. But it’s time to get started.

Today I’m going to show you some of the beautiful images that inspired the setting for my book!

(Did anyone believe me at all? Bueller? …Bueller?)

Growing up, every summer my family went on a camping vacation to Silverton, Colorado. Well, just outside Silverton, actually. The campground was called South Mineral and it was stunning. Tucked away in a small mountain valley with gorgeous hiking trails nearby and a beautiful little river running through. We’d wake up to find Nana cooking a huge breakfast, which we’d eat in the crisp, mountain morning air and then spend the day hiking trails, fishing, reading, doing whatever we wanted. I am not now, nor have I ever been (nor do I plan to ever become) much of an outdoorswoman, but this incredible place is the one exception.

When I first got the idea for the book, I knew it had to take place in the Rocky Mountains. Or at least some fictionalized idealization of such. But the mountain range name needed to sound dark and ominous, concealing endless untold secrets. Hence the Whispering Mountains were born, inspired by all those happy summers spent in the incomparable Rockies.

If you’re new around here and have no idea what I’m talking about, welcome. My name is Lindsay and I’m really happy you’re here. I’m writing a book, called On Mountain High. Here’s a brief synopsis/teaser:

Everyone knows the sinister legend of the Whispering Mountains’ haunted history – the long-lost treasure of the gods that lies hidden somewhere in the rocky expanse, guarded by a dark curse that’s left a long string of mysterious casualties in its wake. But despite the risk, the promise of such immeasurable riches is too tantalizing to ignore. Together Jagger Rivendell, Matteo Boxwoll, Iona Keene, Ronan Ruben and Kalliope Lascius venture higher and higher into the Whispering Mountains in search of the notorious prize, but when they begin to encounter strange situations –and mysterious people– they find that there may be some truth to the legend of an evil curse after all. They must work together to uncover unknown truths about the lost treasure, the ruling Order of the Departed and ultimately, themselves. But can they truly trust the strangers-turned-unlikely-friends around them? What might they be hiding from each other? How far will they each go to claim victory? With unseen threats lurking at every turn, and unsure of whom they can trust, Jagger, Matteo, Iona, Ronan and Kalliope find themselves on an audacious and daring quest to find the lost treasure of the gods and a truth that will change their world forever.

And, without any further ado, here are some of the breathtaking photos that inspired the setting.



Via @VisitSilverton Instagram


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Pictured: Mine shaft ruins
Via @VisitSilverton Instagram


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Via @VisitSilverton Instagram


And there you have it. The images that were inside my head when I wrote the book. Who’s up for a trip to the probably-not-really-haunted Colorado wilderness?
—The Author in Training

PS – Sorry not sorry but I’ve just got to brag on my brother. He’s been studying tirelessly for months, and yesterday he took his dental school placement exam. He didn’t only kick ass, but he scored in the 95th percentile and is basically an all-out super genius. YAAAAAAAAAY BROTHER!


  • ohhh my goodness….LOVE! my grandparents totally had a time-share in silverton when i was little! we probably ran into each other once in town, maybe while picking out which polished rocks we wanted?

    your book sounds AMAZING and i know i love it even more that it’s inspired by my home state! SO excited and impressed by you!!!!!

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    Also, these pictures are stunning! It’s exactly what I’m going to picture when I read your book now :)

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    Those pictures make me want to be a Seeker, but like, without all the bad stuff.

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