Gobble Gobble Gobble

I’ve been putting off writing the obligatory Thanksgiving post. Mostly because I don’t have anything super profound to say.

Shocking, I know. I’m usually full of insightful insights.

But don’t mistake my writer’s block for apathy; I’m really excited about it. I love Thanksgiving. I love the eating, the drinking, the spending time with family, the whole nine yards. I am, however, apathetic about the football and those 100 yards. So excuse me while I help myself to more green bean casserole. Call me when Selena Gomez takes the stage.

Seriously y’all, there’s gotta be crack in that “come and get it naaaaaah nah nah nah” song. I can’t get enough.

This year Thanksgiving is happening at la casa de Hess. With my new husband. Because I totally have one of those now. It’s awesome.

I’m contributing my mom’s kick-ass banana pudding recipe and… crab rangoon appetizers. Per my awesome new husband’s request.

He’s so sexy when he’s weird.

I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving with my newest part of the family. The Hesses are fun and kind and they have mashed potatoes. What more could you ask for in in-laws?

And as if Thanksgiving isn’t awesome enough on its own, the next morning Mom, Aunt Linda and I are hauling our big turkey-stuffed butts into the Taj MaTrailer and heading to Canton for three days.

That’s right. Three whole days of pure, unadulterated junk-filled, antique-laden bliss in Canton, where everyone looks like they single-handedly consumed a 22-pound turkey the day before.

We’ll fit right in.

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