Friday Favorites

Remember those times when I used to be really good about writing on this blog semi-regularly? You know, instead of casually dropping into class once a week and then skipping out before any homework was assigned? Yeah, me too. I’m sorry I’m the worst blogger ever, I meant to post yesterday but then I got sick sooooooo my bad y’all.

Today I’m blatantly stealing paying homage to my dear friend Natalie of Never Serious Blog by way of borrowing from her Friday Favorites post idea. Don’t be scared, it’s easy and fun and you’ll catch on fast.

Friday Favorites




2014 Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog
Have you read this article? You need to read this. Basically you should drop everything and go read it right meow. My personal favorite part is this: “Listen, I can’t have my apron woven with regular, peasant cotton. I need Jacquard to do it.”




Unsweetened Iced Tea
Yes, I stole this picture from Google. Thank you, Google, for your generosity in letting me borrow it. I drank unsweetened iced tea for the first time in recent personal history a couple weekends ago in Canton when the trailer where I tried to buy a Diet Coke had horribly flat sodas and I made them give me something else for free. Turns out this stuff is good. I know I’m Texan and therefore am supposed to prefer sweet tea to all other beverages ever, but I’m just not that into sweetsy food and/or drink. Sorry to shatter that illusion.




True Blood
Still watching. Still obsessed. Still unimpressed with Anna Paquin’s alleged acting talent, but overall I love it.




Award-Winning Chili
Today is the company Chili Cook-Off at work. You may or may not recall, but I actually won last year. Our CEO won the year before that, but only because he hired a professional chef to make it for him, which is obviously cheating. So then last year we had to specify that all chili had to be made by the actual Chili Cook-Off contestant, and then I made awesome chili and he made chili that was….questionable, and anyway I won. Who knows if I’ll win today, but at least I have leftovers waiting for me at home. Yum. Chili. Be still my heart. Oh, and if you’re wondering, yes I make mine with beans.

Everyone wish me luck in the Chili Cook-Off, and you’re all invited over for leftovers. Happy Friday!
—The Wife in Training




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    Also, I read the Williams-Sonoma article a couple days ago when a friend shared it on Facebook, and it is hands-down the funniest thing I’ve read in a very long time. So good.

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    WAIT. THAT VEST. How else do you style it? I have one, and well, struggle bus.

  • Reply December 16, 2014


    Two things. One, I’m addicted to unsweetened iced tea. Like, totally addicted. I love it! And two, THAT VEST GIRL. Like Amber said, teach us how to style it, please!

  • Reply December 23, 2014

    shannon @ gin & bare it

    ok can you please tell me when you’re 100% caught up with true blood so we can talk and obsess over it together?

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