Friday Favorites

Good morning and happy Friday, friends! Someone cue the Hallelujah Chorus, because that’s where I’m at today. It’s been a long week, and I for one am glad that the weekend has finally arrived, and with it, my husband shall return home and I will actually get to see him during waking hours. If you’re confused as to where my husband has been all week, allow me to shamelessly self-promote point you in the direction of this here post.

Today I’m pretending that Natalie over at Never Serious Blog is converting her much beloved Friday Favorites post into a link-up, because she’s awesome and hilarious and I want to be like her. Raise your hand if you think Natalie should just go ahead and make this a formal link-up. OH LOOK NATALIE everyone thinks that. Anyway, in she spirit of Friday Favorites, here are a few of my favorite things from this week.


New Running Shoes


So I guess you’re supposed to buy new running shoes pretty regularly because not only are new shoes exciting but apparently this actually relates to the general well-being of your body. Who knew? When my shin splints started coming back this week, I realized that my old Sauconys from when I ran a half marathon junior year of college (which may or may not have been circa 2009) desperately needed replacing. How had I not noticed they were due for replacement sooner, you ask? Simple. I stopped running, and all other forms of exercise, after that half marathon. At the time I sort of thought I’d reached my lifelong quota, I mean, that is a lot of miles. And with the training? Gosh. But my pants have recently informed me that that is not the case, and as they insist on being rudely too tight I decided to start the running again. Hence, new shoes. Pretty!



My Friend’s Baby


This week I had the pleasure of meeting little miss Julia Marie, the brand-new daughter of my sweet college friends Amy and Tyler. Amy and I were in the same pledge class of our fake (read: local) sorority, and Tyler lived with Andy before we all got married. Wait. That made it sound like the four of us are married, like, all to each other. I can assure you that is not the case. I mean, I like Amy and Tyler very much, but that’s not what I meant – we’re just not quite that close. Gahhh. Open mouth, insert foot. ANYWAY. Amy and Tyler are married to each other (Andy and I are not a part of their marriage, just to be clear) and last week they had their first child, and this week I got to go snuggle her under the guise of “delivering dinner.” Muahaha I’m so sneaky. LOOK AT ALL OF HER BEAUTIFUL HAIR. She’s perfect and wonderful.



This Leftover Valentine


I don’t know what’s wrong with me but this is my new favorite image of all time. I texted it to Andy on Valentine’s Day….while we were sitting feet away from each other on the same couch. And have since shown it to every single person I know  in real life (you’re welcome) and it still makes me giggle.



My Wonderful New Tank Top



Do you watch Parks and Recreation? If not, kindly do so immediately, please and thank you. A coworker found this fantastic website called Look Human, and it turns out they make any and every t-shirt and tank top you could possibly ever want. AND THEY’RE SOMETIMES ON SALE FOR ONLY $20. And that, friends, is how I became the proud owner of an April Ludgate tank top. I also bought a Luke’s Diner logo tank, and a t-shirt for Andy that says “There’s always money in the banana stand.” You should get one too. Trust me.



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Everyone have a wonderful weekend. You deserve it.
—The Wife in Training


  • So what are the chances that the one day of the year that I DON’T do Friday Favorites you decide to call me out on making it a linkup. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES HESS? Pretty damn good.

    • Reply February 25, 2015

      Lindsay Landgraf Hess

      It’s like I have ESPN or something.

  • Reply February 20, 2015


    Oooooh I love you so much! And those shoes are very pretty, the opossum… not so much

    • Reply February 25, 2015

      Lindsay Landgraf Hess

      The opossum wants to make out with you…….

  • Reply February 20, 2015

    Courtney {Alkeks Abroad}

    I second the link up idea! Thanks for the shoutout and also why do pants have to be so rude? Mine are also informing me of the same thing.

    • Reply February 25, 2015

      Lindsay Landgraf Hess

      Pants are really pushy and they need to shut up and pass the wine.

  • Reply February 21, 2015

    Becca @ Becoming Adorrable

    That Valentine is everything.

    • Reply February 25, 2015

      Lindsay Landgraf Hess

      It really is.

  • Reply February 23, 2015

    shannon @ gin & bare it

    i imagine that’s what shitler thinks i look like all the time.
    such an angry creature.

    • Reply February 25, 2015

      Lindsay Landgraf Hess

      Not angry. Sexual.

  • Reply February 23, 2015

    chelsea jacobs

    New running shoes are the best..motivation for days!

    • Reply February 25, 2015

      Lindsay Landgraf Hess

      I know! I’m so excited about them – they’re SO comfy.

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