Take 10 Tuesday: Prep for Company in 10 Minutes

Hello! It’s time for the second exciting edition of Take 10 Tuesday. If you don’t remember from last week, read more about Take 10 Tuesday here. Today my friend Abby is joining us to share her tips on prepping for company in not a lot of time. I’ve known Abby since the summer before my senior year of college; we worked together at a big fancy PR agency in downtown Dallas. We hit it off right away, and …… a number (don’t ask how many, it isn’t important) of years later, we still like each other. Her house is impeccably decorated and endlessly spotless, so I can personally attest that either these tips she’s sharing with us work, or Abby is a wizard.

It’s definitely one of the two.

Anyhooker, I’ll let Abby take it from here.

How to Prepare Your Home for Company in 10 Minutes

Unexpected guests can be a little stressful and at times, overwhelming. Sometimes there isn’t anything you can do about it, but occasionally, you may have a few minutes of advance warning. And there is a lot that can be done in only 10 minutes — especially if you buzz around your house like a little worker bee!

What I do to prepare varies a little depending on the duration of the guests’ stay. If they are just popping in to say hi (which hopefully they are), the first thing I do is quickly pick up everything down stairs. Items might include, but are not limited to: mail, shoes, dog toys and random articles of clothing. Chances are, company won’t venture upstairs for just a quick visit, so to prioritize, I just focus on the main living areas.






The next thing I tackle is the downstairs bathroom. No one wants to use a grimy facility, so depending on how badly my bathroom is in need of a good scrub, this might shift to the top of my priorities. I’ll quickly clean the commode bowl and use a little disinfectant to wipe down the seat and sink. If I’m really looking to save a little time, disinfectant wipes are super quick and some are even flushable! (Because nothing says “I’m unprepared yet overthink everything” like a wet disinfectant wipe in the bathroom trash can.) Oh, and before I forget — you should probably also make sure you have some TP in there, because that is very necessary. 




After everything is put away and the bathroom is sanitary, I move on to the kitchen. At this point, I really only have a few minutes left. If there are any dirty dishes in the sink, I quickly load them into the dishwasher and then wipe down my counter tops with a fresh-smelling counter top spray. My current favorite is Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner in Lavender. Hopefully you don’t have to say that five times fast, because we don’t have that kind of time here, people!






Last but certainly not least, I set the mood. I start by turning off the over head lights and turning on a few lamps. This makes a home feel cozy and inviting — but mostly, it makes it more difficult to see the dirt and leaves my dog or husband has tracked in! After this, I light a candle or two — usually one near the front door and one in the living room. If you are looking to splurge a little (err- a lot), LAFCO candles have a super long burn time, come in a beautiful glass container, and smell great too! My favorite thing about them is that the fragrances are named according to a room or type of home — so if you aren’t sure what type of fragrance belongs in your front foyer or guest room, LAFCO can help you out. (And for 60 bucks a pop, it’s the least they can do, right?) A couple of our favorites are Ranch House and Beach House, because we don’t own either of those things and we like to dream with our noses. ;)








After following these steps to quickly prep your home for company, pour yourself a large glass of wine because you earned it! You can also skip steps one through four and go directly to the wine pouring if that better suits your fancy. You do you, honey! Your company will love you through it. :)



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