WELL HELLO THERE HOW ARE YOU DOING I’m doing great because it’s Wednesday and that means it’s basically Friday in like an hour and I love Fridays so today is wonderful by nature and did I mention I’ve had three cups of coffee?

It’s been a hot Texas minute since I’ve linked up with Faith, Juliette and Allie, and I’ve decided to remedy that situation today, adhering to the prompt “Currently.” On a somewhat related but completely useless tangent, I ALWAYS type the word prompt like this: “promt.” That is not how you spell that word. Then I just have to hope the red squiggly line catches my attention and I have the mental wherewithal to go back and correct it. Get it together fingers, you’re embarrassing me.

Reading: Mockingjay (I’m only a couple years late to that party). I’m excited to start Marie Lu’s Legend trilogy next, it sounds incredible. I’m also counting down the minutes until her latest book, The Young Elites, comes out this fall – you can check out the first 50 pages here.

Writing: Please see this post – The Project.

Listening To: Classic rock on Pandora. I love me some Eagles.

Thinking: That if I were a good blogger I would have put a lot more effort into making this answer something poignant and introspective.

Smelling: My very favoritest rosemary mint hand lotion from Whispering Pines Soap. Every time Mom, Aunt Linda and I go to Canton we run straight to the Whispering Pines vendor booth and stock up on soaps and lotions and potions galore. They’re the best. Tell ‘em Lindsay sent you. (No, don’t do that, they don’t know my name. It definitely won’t get you anywhere.)

Wishing: That science could kindly show some sense of urgency and finally figure out how to remove the calories from pinot grigio.

Hoping: That these stupid p90x3 workout DVDs makes my pants fit again.

Wearing: Clothes?

Loving: Making my own hummus. I blogged about it a few days ago and seriously guys, if you like hummus at all IT IS SO MUCH MORE DELICIOUS than the store bought stuff. And it’s totally easy, I promise.

Needing: Coffee. Always more coffee. Actually, it’s funny because I don’t even like coffee. In fact, I find it pretty disgusting. What I love about coffee is that first of all it’s free at work, and second of all that I can dress it up with sugar and cream and make it less of a mouth abomination so it has a chance to infiltrate my body with sweet, sweet caffeine. And I think that I just proved to myself that I indeed do not need another cup.



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    I used to try and force myself to like plain black coffee because somehow that seemed more “adult.” I’ve since learned not to torture myself anymore and I now use delicious creamer. And I hope your pants fit you soon too. Stupid calories.

  • Haha I’m glad you started that off with a burst of energy because I’m lacking in it today sooooo crossing my fingers it is contagious.

    I NEED ALL THE HUMMUS. Seriously – note to self, make immediately. I don’t like coffee either!

    Also, I’m obsessed with the Eagles. Wasted Time (and basically the entire Hell Freezes Over album) was the anthem of my childhood. Thanks Mom.

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    I literally read this post as if you were talking really really fast once you said you had three cups of coffee. Because that’s obviously how I talk after that much caffeine. And I feel ya on the pants fitting thing. Good luck!

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    I love that you said “clothes?” to the wearing question. I just hope that was more of a “I’m wearing clothes, duh” kinda answer and not a “maybe I’m wearing clothes, maybe I’m not” kinda answer. Pshh that’s a lie. You’re gorgeous, clothes or no clothes (don’t take that creepily okay?)

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    Yeah, but the hummus I’m eating right now is everything.. and I don’t have any tahini at home. That’s a lie, I found some in my fridge yesterday and got excited to make hummus since I haven’t made any in over a year… and the tahini expired around the same time, so that was a no. But stop judging my store-bought hummus. Okay, I didn’t buy it.. you know it was delivered to me.

    I’m so sorry.

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    Found your blog through todays link up and proceeded to read too many post to count. I love it! I also live in Dallas so it was so awesome to stumble upon another blogger that does as well, I saw your post about the blogger meet up at midnight rodeo looks like it was a great time, hopefully there will be another in the future that I can join!

  • Wine calories don’t count.

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    Hahaha, you are so funny. Seriously this post just put a huge smile on my sleep-crusty face :) Coffee is awful, but wine is amazing. Have you ever experimented making hummus with different types of beans?? I will do a black bean hummus sometimes and put some chipotle peppers in there too: delishous! Have an awesome day!!

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    Sami Shenanigans

    But have you ever made homemade cilantro or roasted garlic hummus? Nom nom nom nom.

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    Jaz @ Le Haute Jaz

    Clothes? I like how that’s posed as a question. What some deem as clothes others don’t. Lol! And you have a few months left to finish Mockingjay before the first installment comes out. You’re ahead of many others. :)

  • Reply July 24, 2014

    Steph G

    Now all I can think about is hummus. Also, I’m a little late on this – congrats on the “project!”

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