An Interview with The Mister

You might not know this, but I got married last summer. SURPRISE.

Today I thought it would be fun to shamelessly steal pay homage to the brilliant minds behind The Newly (Hi, Jessica) and Katie Elizabeth Blog (Hi, Katie Elizabeth) and share an interview with Señor Hess.

Keep in mind I decided to interview Andy during game 4 of the Stanley Cup playoffs, as his beloved Dallas Stars battled for a win. My timing is fabulous, I know. There’s no real point to me sharing that information with you, I just thought it would add a little spice.




An Interview with The Husband in Training

Me: What is the name of my blog?
Andy: The Wife in Training [point, Hess]

Me: And what do I typically write about?
Andy: Cooking… Your life.

Me: What’s a popular fashion item for women right now?
Andy: Hair ties?

Me: And where’s the best place to shop for women’s clothes?
Andy: The Gap

Me: What do you know about Pinterest?
Andy: That I have no interest in it.

Me: In the kitchen, what would you use a zester for?
Andy: …Zesting. [Gosh I love his mind]

Me: What would an acceptable amount of money be to spend on a pair of shoes? Or a shirt?
Andy: $30. Wait, together? One OR the other. What kind of shirt are we talking about?

Me: What does YOLO stand for?
Andy: You only live once. [he’s cool, guys]

Me: What do I like to do when you’re working late during accounting busy season?
Andy: Take selfies with the cats.

Me: Am I good at staying on budget?
Andy: Ummm, no. [he is not wrong, but I'M WORKING ON IT, OKAY]

Me: What’s the thing I do around the house that annoys you the most?
Andy: [his voice is a whisper]…there’s so much.

 Me: THAT WAS A TRICK QUESTION you’re supposed to say nothing and that I’m perfect, duh.
Andy: *awkward silence, nervous laughter*

Me: What’s the Pantone Color of the Year for 2014?
Andy: I don’t know what Pantone means. What does Pantone mean?

Me: They make colors and stuff, people like them. Just so you know, it’s Radiant Orchid.
Andy: Oh. [goes back to watching the Stars]

Me: What’s one thing you’d like to share with anybody who might be reading this?
Andy: I’m not nearly as good looking as described in the blog.


For the record, he’s totally wrong about that last thing.
I could barely type his answers because I was cracking up the whole time. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Heck, I hope you enjoyed this HALF as much as I did, I’m still laughing about his opinion of the oh-so-trendy hair tie.

—Mrs. Wife in Training, over and out.

P.S. – GO STARS!!!!



  • Reply April 24, 2014


    Well, I do love The Gap so I would give Andy a point for that one. I’m also really glad he knows about your wild and crazy nights of taking selfies with the cats hahahahahhahaha.

  • Hair ties. Hahahhahaha.

  • Reply April 24, 2014


    bahahaha I love this so much.
    also, now I’m just going to always assume you’re sitting at home taking selfies with the cats.

  • Hair ties and selfies with the cats. LOL

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