A Wedding! A Wedding! Hooray!

($20 to the first person who can name that musical.)




This Saturday is my sister-in-law’s (Andy’s sister) wedding in colorful Colorado and I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED. I don’t even know where to begin listing my excitement, really, but for you darlings I shall try.


1) WEDDINGS. I love weddings. Love them. You laugh, you cry, you celebrate with people you love…what could be better?


2) Colorado. For years I’ve said that Colorado is the only place other than Texas where I could live in perfect peace (I’ve since amended that belief to include Santa Barbara, CA and the Scottish Highlands). I’ve only been to Colorado in the summer and the winter, never in the fall. I can’t wait to see the beautiful Aspen trees turning colors, breathe the crisp mountain air and watch the sun set on the mountain side, and…this seems to have become a Robert Frost poem. My bad.


3) Delicious food and a fun party. Y’all. I love delicious food and I love fun parties. This is going to be BOTH of those things. I just so happen to love BOTH of those things. I’m really going to be living my best life this weekend.


Andy and I fly out tonight after work, along with my brother-in-law, Justin. If you’re new around here, you may not know this but I am not a good flier (flyer?). See this post for further reference. Basically I believe that if God wanted me to be in the air, I would have wings. But, conversely, I love to travel. That is my great curse in life. I’m going to try really hard to behave normally around my brother-in-law Justin and not let him see my air-travel-anxiety-induced crazy, but……this morning on the radio they were talking about things that go wrong on flights. Today, of all days. So wish me luck.



I spent most of last night packing my suitcase, worrying I’d forgotten something important and ugly crying while watching Nashville (Bueller? Bueller?). I think I’ve got everything, I checked my list about eleven billion times. I’ve got clean underwear, my curling iron, copious amounts of hairspray and some shoes. Which shoes? Who knows. I’m hoping it works out for the best.


~I think my cat just farted.~


Tomorrow (I should say “tonight” because by the time this post is live it will be TONIGHT YAAAAAAY) when we land in Denver, we’re collecting our rental car (how grown-up does THAT sound? no one tell them that I am little more than a child trapped in the body of a wine-loving, near-six-foot-tall adult woman.) and driving out of the city to a hotel. In the morning we will rise with the sun Andy will very probably force me out of bed while it’s still dark to get back on the road and drive the 3 hours to Redstone, where the wedding is to take place. For this dramatically early rising I will briefly consider killing Andy, but probably choose to let him live once he finds me a breakfast burrito. When we arrive in Redstone I am to meet the other bridesmaids for a spa morning at a local hot spring resort place in the mountains and ohemgeeeeeeee HOT SPRINGS. HOT TUB. ROCKY MOUNTAINS. POSSIBLY WINE.


Y’all, I might never come home.


Then after that we will beautify and then it will be wedding rehearsal time and then it will be time for the rehearsal dinner where there will be food (yum! food!) and then it will be Brittany’s last night as a single woman and then we bridesmaids will stay up late talking and then we will sleep a little bit and then we will wake up and then MY SWEET, KIND, BRILLIANT, WONDERFUL SISTER-IN-LAW WILL GET MARRIED TO AN EQUALLY WONDERFUL MAN AND EVERYTHING WILL BE PERFECT AND ALSO DID I MENTION WONDERFUL.


Now if you will excuse me, I have to go finish packing and also figure out a way to pretend like I care about work tomorrow, that I’m *not* just counting down the minutes until I can leave and go to beautiful Colorado.


Well this has been a very longwinded, rambling post. If you’re still here, thanks. I probably owe you $20 regardless of whether you could name the musical.


It’s from The Drowsy Chaperone, by the way. Fabulous show. Hilarious. Definitely see it if it ever comes to your town.


Okay that’s all I love you I’m going to Colorado byeeeeeeeee.
—The Wife in Training


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    chelsea jacobs

    SO JEALOUS that you’re getting to see Colorado in the fall!

  • oh my gooooodness you are going to LOVE colorado in the fall. i’m totally jealous. tell those mountains hello for me and if you see my parents, hug them. weird? probably :) HAVE SO MUCH FUN!

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