5 reasons you should be shopping at Ross likerightnow

Listen up folks: today we’re talking about shoes. *puts on fashion blogger hat* And let me tell you, as a newly minted and oh-so-very-serious fashion blogger: You need to go to Ross Dress for Less like five minutes ago.

Yes, that Ross Dress for Less. But wait! Don’t roll your eyes and X out of this tab just yet, trust me. It’ll be worth it.

Without any further ado, I give you the top 5 reasons you should be shopping at Ross.

Disclaimer: I am an uncomfortably heinous photographer. My talents lie elsewhere, sorry team. If you want beautiful photos go visit my friend Styled By Bree. So let’s all agree to pretend these photos never happened and focus on the words and good deals part. Okay?

photoThese. These 5 beautiful pairs of shoes are the 5 reasons you should be shopping at Ross. Two of these pairs are Madden Girl, one is Steve Madden, one is Lifestride (not just for old ladies anymore) and one is a brand I’ve never heard of, but now love very much.

“Oh well sure, those are cute, but how much did they cost?”

I’ll tell you, skeptical reader. I paid just $105 for FIVE PAIRS OF GORGEOUS, NAME-BRAND SHOES. Are there more responsible things I could have spent $105 on? Yes. In my defense, I legitimately needed…one. One of these pairs. The others just looked so lonely there on the shelves, and they fit my little footsies so very perfectly. And you don’t say no to $20 Steve Maddens. You just don’t.

And no, I don’t secretly work for Ross. I just love a good deal, almost as much as I love pinot grigio.


Beautiful Pair #1 – Steve Madden, $18

photo2 photo3I had absolutely no idea how tragically unfulfilled my life was without these gorgeous cage wedges. I wore them out to dinner with Sir Husband last night and felt like a total sexpot. Not the worst feeling for date night.

Beautiful Pair #2 – Madden Girl, $28

photo4 photo5Hello, lovers. It’s safe to say that these precious babies will be on my feet nonstop this spring and summer. Pay no mind to my purple toes – I have a medical phenomenon that sometimes makes my toes turn weird colors, which my brilliant doctor friend Alyssa tells me is actually very normal. Ish. Nothing to see here, people.

Well, besides the drool worthy shoes, of course.

Beautiful Pair #3 – Lifestride, $17

photo6 photo7This is the pair that I legitimately needed for work (though I have every intention of introducing the other four pairs into the corporate world). I like to think of these as the shoe embodiment of Catherine Guidice Lowe’s weirdo #grownsexy dreamworld. Plus they’re crazy comfortable, and I am obsessed with the pop of patent leather on the toe and heel.

Beautiful Pair #4 – Madden Girl, $14

photo8 photo10 photo11 These are probably my favorites out of the bunch. They are gorgeous, super duper comfortable AND THEY ONLY COST $14. ‘Nuff said. I can’t wait to wear them every day of my life.

Beautiful Pair #5 – Impo, $28

photo12 photo13These shoes are damn sexy. I made sure to wear them while explaining to Mr. Hess why there were so many shopping bags in the closet.

Look how happy they all look in their new home:

photo14Thanks for tuning in folks. *removes fashion blogger hat* Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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    I love getting shoes from Ross, but they are notorious for having only the worst of the nurses shoes in anything over a size 9, at least in my area. Those cage wedges though…. damn. I’d cut off some toes to make those fit.

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