Take 10 Tuesday: 10-Minute Shrimp Pasta

Hello! Welcome to The Wife in Training for another exciting edition of Take 10 Tuesday! Today I’m sharing with you a delicious garlicky, buttery, cheesy shrimp pasta that you can make in only 10 minutes, with only four ingredients.

This is mostly because I like to do as little work as possible. #LazyChefHacks

So sit back, pour yourself a glass of wine and feast your eyes (and taste buds) upon this delicious and not at all horrible for you meal.





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What’s your favorite 10-minute recipe? Share the love (and by love I mean recipe links), friend.
—The Wife in Training


  • LITERALLY EVERYTHING THAT IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD. Will you come make it for me please and thank you?????

    • Reply October 6, 2015

      Lindsay Landgraf Hess

      Yes duh of course I will come make it for you!

  • Reply October 6, 2015


    Ok I laughed out loud a LOT at this and Keith kept staring at me and seriously WHY ARE YOU SO FUNNY AND PRETTY.

    But shrimp is disgusting.

    • Reply October 6, 2015

      Lindsay Landgraf Hess

      WHY ARE YOU SO NICE. Shrimp is delicious, I will gladly eat any that you don’t want.

  • I love it when you make videos while drinking wine. Also, any recipe that claims to take 10 minutes takes me at least thirty.

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