Super Bowl Party Spread

Yesterday was the Super Bowl and I ate a crap ton of delicious food, so the real winner was me.

Husband and I have a tradition of watching The Game Which Shall Not Be Named (I’d hate to get the NFL’s panties in a wad) with two pairs of coupley friends from college, and it was our first year to host the festivities. Obviously a huge and exquisite food spread was called for.

As I said on Twitter, I’m just here for the food, folks.

Two homemade pizzas: check
Creamy, spicy queso blanco: check
Beer in a super cute galvanized steal tub: check
Cheese platter so I can pretend to be Ina Garten: check
Obligatory and largely ignored veggie tray: check
An absurd quantity of buffalo wings: double check

Oh, I’m sorry, you’re looking for chicken wings in the greater Arlington/DFW area? They’re right here. In my belly. No take backsies.

I may have gone a little overboard. There were, after all, only six of us.

full spreadFirst up: pizza. These fellas are great because you can make them ahead of time and then just pop ‘em back in the oven. I made a pepperoni and jalapeño combo of my own creation (delicious, if I do say so myself), and an out-of-this-world four-cheese with spinach pizza that I modified from Epicurious.

pizzaI’m pretty sure it’s a rule that you have to drink a beer while making pizza. If not, it is now.

Tie-dye aprons are great for party prep, too.

Tie-dye aprons are great for party prep, too.

Speaking of beer, let’s all take a moment to appreciate my adorable new party guest, Mr. Galvanized Steel Tub. He’s big, he makes a statement and he’s trendy, but he does get a little leaky when he’s been…over served. Hence the towel. But God if he doesn’t look good.

beer tubNot pictured: creamy queso blanco. I was too busy slurping it through a straw gracefully consuming it in a very normal way.

If you’re one of those healthy, clean-eating-type folks, first of all I don’t know what you’re doing here but welcome you poor, wayward soul. Second, if you INSIST on having some semblance of a healthy snack at your parties, I highly recommend the Greek yogurt dip/crudité platter. Just mix in the flavor packet/herb combo of your choice, slice up your favorite raw vegetables (you freak) and go to town. I used Trader Joe’s Greek yogurt and some Italian flavor packets, plus a heaping cup of garlic salt for good measure. And then I stayed the heck away from it all night.

veggiesNext on the list of party essentials: a cheese platter. It is the name alone that separates “I’m having cheese from Aldi for dinner” and “I am a sophisticated, mature adult.” Oh, and if you throw some grapes on there people will take you seriouslyer.

cheese plateHello, lovers.

wingsI love wings. I would eat them in a car, I would eat them (and have) in a bar. I would eat them on the moon, I would eat them with a loom. Why yes, I DO like wings, Sam I Am.

These are Husband’s very most favorite things; I am a goddess when these are fresh in our kitchen. I use Pioneer Woman’s recipes for classic and Asian wings. There are several steps involved, but it really is easy. Say it with me: you can do it. You SHOULD do it. You deserve delicious wings.

And that, my friends, is how you gain 10 pounds at your own The Game Which Shall Not Be Named party.

P.S. – In case you haven’t heard, I’m cooking up something really exciting in bloggieland. Stay tuned!

P.P.S. – I don’t mean literally cooking. I mean I’ve got something up my sleeve. Just in case there was any confusion.

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