Icepocalypses and cabin fever are great motivators for home improvement

What have I been up to during North Texas’ three-day Icepocalypse?

Oh, mostly just the same things everyone else is up to: cuddling under blankets, rationing food to prevent a Donner situation and bringing sexy back to some cool vintage furniture.

What else am I supposed to do when outside looks like this?

ice 1

Cue the white walkers.

If you recall, I spent alarming amounts of paper money and picked up some great pieces in Canton last weekend. Specifically, an amazing headboard and two nightstands – which Andy and I desperately needed, because our bedroom is less sexy love den, more college dorm room.

bedroom 1

Please notice the makeshift headboard.

bedroom 2

No headboard, and A is using a hallway table as a nightstand. Nope.

By the way, that adorable chevron monogram pillow was a wedding gift from the brilliant mind of Hess family friend Shelee – you can get yours here!

So given our need for a grown-up bedroom and my killer Canton finds, this weekend was furniture makeover time. I started with the nightstands and a little instruction from one of my favorite bloggers, Brittany Gibbons.

nightstands beforeI sanded them lightly, and then they were good to go. I started with two coats of paint, then let it dry while I cooked a delicious and healthy icepocalypse lunch of hot ham and cheese sandwiches. Then I distressed them with course-grain sandpaper, and finished with a wood stain to give their paint an aged, faded look.

nightstands finished nightstands finished 2Sometime in there with all the paint fumes (y’all, that wood stain is potent), my brother Zach and sister-in-law Wei called and way too casually mentioned that the icepocalypse knocked their power out, it was not at all warm enough in their house, could they please brave the 5-mile stretch of icy roads and come stay with us. Um, duh get over here immediately why didn’t you call sooner.

They cooked us a super delicious dinner of legit Chinese food, but Zach is no fun and made me promise not to put his picture on the internet. Whatever Zach.

headboard 1

Wei was fine with it, though.

Wei and I gave the headboard the same treatment the nightstands got. Light sanding, two coats of paint, let it dry for Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch, then used more course-grain sandpaper to distress the paint job, and finished it with a coat of wood stain.

headboard finished

Pay no mind to the cat.

Here’s the finished set. Ta da!

all finished

All in all, I’d call that an icepocalypse well spent.

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