Welcome to the newlywed life of Landgraf and Hess. Landgraf-Hess. Mr. and Mrs. Hess. The Hesses. Hessi? I should probably figure out the plural form of my new last name.

You know how the story goes. Beautiful bride, handsome groom, “I do,” “I do too” and a kiss. I guess you can think of my little corner of the interwebz as my personal pinot grigio-filled happily ever after. Here at The Wife in Training I maybe (definitely) overcook the steak, say things that will get me in trouble with my nana and try to be a good wife (whatever that means).

It’s kind of a mess, but it’s my mess. I’m just lucky my curling iron hasn’t burned the house down.


~Lindsay Landgraf Hess, aka The Wife in Training